About Us


Color Ecommerce Pte. Ltd. is a heartfelt venture in the realm of e-commerce, established in Singapore and expanded through Color Ecommerce Ltd, in the United Kingdom. We specialize in novelty gifts and print-on-demand products, focusing on bringing joy and personalization to the shopping experience. Our commitment is to offer a selection that celebrates uniqueness and personal expression, catering to the individual tastes of our customers.

In a world bustling with online options, we strive to carve out a space where each choice feels personal and every product has its own story. We are not the first in the field, but we endeavour each day to be the most thoughtful in our curation and service.

Our Vision.

Our vision is to be a trusted name in personalized and novelty e-commerce, known for our dedication to customer satisfaction. Within the next 5 years, we aim to build a reputation for excellence and reliability in Asia and extend that trust globally.

Our Mission.

We are on a mission to offer a range of products that allow for personal touches and heartfelt connections. As we grow, our goal is to develop and sustain a collection of brands that reflect our commitment to quality, creativity, and our customers' diverse needs, aspiring to reach a milestone of $100M in revenue within 5 years.

Data driven

Data guides all decisions

Technological mindset

Find solutions based on Technological mindset

Challenge accepted

Accept challenge bravely, always be mind-opened


Give opportunities of decision for everyone


Seeking for Passion and pursue to the end

Committed to object

Committed to objective from the smallest actions

360 degree evaluation

Evaluate everything comprehensive and multidimensional


Become a worthy environment for happy employees to work

Customer centric

Always take the Customer as the center


Learning actively, pursuing goals drastically

Our Values.

Our core values are the key to establishing a strong corporate culture. They form our beliefs and provide guidelines for all of our actions.

Our Corners.

Our Office in Singapore

Our Team in UK

Our Studio

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